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Awesome-Deloitte is expanding and looking for a curious, perceptive mind to join our brand strategy department and help build some of the most trend making, trail blazing, culture creating brands in the world. if you’re the one who always has a question, the one that hears something they don’t understand and jumps on their browser to find out more, the one who sees a problem where others might not, and has already pulled out their notebook to draw the route to a better world, this role is for you. Whether you are an aspiring strategist or an experienced professional, this role presents a unique opportunity to work with the biggest startups and global companies across multiple domains, alongside some of the brightest minds in the industry.

You will get to:

  • Work with the biggest start-ups and global companies across multiple categories
  • Conduct a discovery process to get under the hood of a company, brand and team
  • Dive into research to get your head around a competitive landscape and ecosystem of a whole new world
  • Refine insights and craft them into clear and concise stories
  • Create presentations and present them to founders, CEOs and client leadership teams
  • Develop a brand platform and the personality and tone of voice to lift it off the page
  • Take the branding process through to design, messaging, website building and implementation
  • Become a pivotal part of the department’s odyssey in becoming a global force

You are:

  • A native English speaker (or equivalent of)
  • A writer - like to put information in a way that tells a story
  • Analytical - see the gaps and the patterns  
  • Confident with the mic - like to present your work  
  • Independent - take ownership of projects from end-to-end
  • Quick learner - grasp technologies and their intricacies
  • PowerPoint savvy – like to make your thoughts pretty too!
  • Familiar with the startup ecosystem
  • Emotionally (and generally) intelligent
  • Proactive and enthusiastic

You might have:

  • Relevant degree - a plus
  • Irrelevant degree – a bigger plus
  • Prior experience – the biggest plus

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