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A major part of Playtika’s rebranding emphasised the need to communicate internally a strong brand story. The company was facing massive growth and needed tools and assets to help increase the brand’s desirability in the minds of both current and future employees. The new employer rebranding aimed to achieve two goals - The first, to provide assets that help communicate the brand story when reaching out to new recruits. The second, to strengthen the engagement employees have with the brand and the new brand story.

Employer Branding


Playtika’s new narrative as a company that offers “infinite ways to play” was translated into all the touch-points within the organisation - both formal and casual - and addressed both employees and recruits.

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For new recruits, we created instagram post templates that showcase new employees and employee life at Playtika. Also, when designing the website we emphasised Playtika's desirability as an employer. We put the employee experience front and center with a photographic language that showed employees’ personalities in natural settings and a light-hearted vibe.

Templates for Instagram
Careers Page
Life at Playtika
Posts from Playtika's Instagram feed


When addressing Playtika’s employees, we mapped out the various touch points they have with the company and infused them with the brand's mission and story. We designed a welcome kit for new employees, filled with swag and fun items. We created WhatsApp stickers for internal communication, and even designed an internal swag store where employees can go online and order Playtika-branded merchandise.

Whatsapp Stickers
Employee Swag
Bus ride


Based on our assets Playtika continued to produce a massive recruitment campaign, created by McCann TLV, that was showcased in major metropolitan areas all around Israel.

Campaign ads
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Playtika EVP

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