Brand Vision: FOM is a digitally native brand created for the new generation. Together with the Keter team, we have created a state-of-the-art identity brand - for those who aspire to live light and have the ability to move from one place to another without leaving “home” behind. We call them FOMERS. Want to know more about them? Keep reading.

Brand Identity

What does it take to turn an offline B2B brand to a digitally native B2C brand?

We were challenged by KETER to target the end consumer on an online platform with a unique product. Analyzing the implications of a few brand architecture options, we came to the conclusion that we had to create a new distinctive brand separated from the global parent brand Curver. We named it FOM.

Engaging consumers is easy when their needs align with your product advantage

The strategic process revealed an insight that meets the functional benefit of the product: There is a generation that doesn’t want to stand still; a generation with an aspiration to move fast and light from one house to another. When they do so they don’t want to start over purchasing new furniture, creating a home from scratch. This observation tied in with the main advantages of the product - a minimalistic, light, durable, modular shelf system which is easy to assemble and reassemble.

It ended up with a value proposition:

Modular furniture designed  for a modular generation.

From this point we had a clear vision of the brand identity.

Creating FOM for the FOMers

The brand was named FOM for Freedom Of Motion; a brand name expressing both the consumer aspiration and the product advantage. That turned the definition of our target audience from general young/Millennials to FOMERS – those who aspire to be in motion, to evolve, to feel free.

OMG, who's RESPONSIBLE for what I just saw?
Brand Strategy, Naming, Messaging, Brand Identity, Motion
Ronit Caspi, Evia Gerafi, Shay Lesher, Oren Levanter, Kobi Tal, Michal Keren, Shimi Cohen, Tomer Rotenberg,