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The leading global sparkling water brand, aiming to change the way the world drinks by eliminating single-use plastic bottles. For people who like to challenge the norm, who value the simple pleasures, optimists & joy seekers, environmentally conscious who want to help save our planet with small yet meaningful gestures and for everyone seeking a healthier balanced life for them and for their loved ones.

Brand Identity

Your everyday can sometimes be too EVERYDAY-ish

Bubbly Typography

Bubbles play a fundamental role in the whole SodaStream experience, pairing a unique taste with a fresh, tongue-tingling sensation. Bubbles are the fizzy sound of a drink being served, as well as the sense of wonder whenever magic occurs.

SodaStream empowers customers to take control and elevate boring tap water into something more dynamic and exciting, infusing everyday life with sparkling moments of joy and curiosity.

We created a world of bubbly floating typography and illustrations to bring to life the playful and dynamic side of the SodaStream experience


We developed a range of illustrations to bring a sense of personality to the SodaStream brand. They take inspiration from all the moments where sparkling water adds a special sparkle to the occasion.

We also included messaging and illustrations to highlight SodaStream's environmental focus. The style of the illustrations is quirky, dynamic and playful, with the feeling of 'floating worlds' in which everyone is lifted by the joy of the sparkling water.

We also illustrated a whole range of icons from the key themes of the world of SodaStream; sparkling water, bubbles, flavor, environment, availability, empowerment, health and everyday moments.


Simple moments of everyday magic. Research shows that all types of people use SodaStream at all sorts of different times and occasions, always with unique, delightful results. Whether they're rehydrating after a run, at a catch-up lunch with friends or just chilling in front of the TV, SodaStream takes every moment to the next level, transforming regular old tap water into fresh, sparkling soda.

More significant life events, like moving house, getting married or having a child, can also motivate people to launch a "mini revolution" in their lifestyles, like switching to a healthier drink and a more convenient, empowering, and environmentally friendly alternative. SodaStream is human, relatable, and lighthearted, bringing family and friends together time and time again.


We sparkled up life style photography with fun icons and illustrations to add a tasty SodaStream flavor.


OMG, who's RESPONSIBLE for what I just saw?
Brand Identity
Tomer Rotemberg, Lee Raider, Ronit Caspi, Alon Rom, Evia Geraffi, Marianne Spencer, Amir Gelbard, Kobi Tal, Dana Spieler, Racheli Sallem, Shimi Cohen, Chen Libman