The Client
Brightcom is a global media company and a veteran of the ad-tech industry.

Its cutting edge online advertising solutions are experienced by hundreds of millions of users every day, all around the globe. Brightcom specializes in creating and maintaining effective ad units to help media proprietors (website owners) monetize their content.

Brightcom puts people first. Technology is the vital tool that drives the programmatic industry, but it’s the people who make all the difference. Whether a publisher, an advertiser, or anyone in between, Brightcom’s dedicated team of media experts is committed to meeting all of your needs. By utilizing it’s data-driven technology, it strives to create value for our partners. It is a personalized alliance fueled by transparency and trust.

Our Mission
The mission was to create a graphic language that emphasises Brightcom’s unique streangths which is the combination of their team’s decades of knowledge and skills alongside cutting edge technology.

The Branding
The logo we designed was based on these fundamental values ( humanity, technology ) creating a “technological finger print” that explodes to the sky and brings Brightcom to bigger and greater achievements.

We created the “Brightcom touch” from the logo’s graphic legality that transformed into a whole graphic world of custom lettering and icons that convey all of Brightcom’s business platforms and allow their clients to receive the perfect combination of the best people and the best technology. We chose fonts that are of a curvy and round nature thus making the messaging very soft and humane, while the colour palette chosen is very saturated and identified with RGB screen colors that enhance the idea of technology and humanity.

ClientBrightcomServicesRebrandingYear2016Linkbrightcom.comTeamEvia Gerafi, Amit Levy, Alex Molo, Yoav Gati, Yoni Lahav, Shani hefetz

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