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Creative value For All

In today’s free world, a state of hyper-free economy, where any individual can easily become a business, more and more tools are becoming accessible for all. What was once considered a privilege of the elites has become a commodity in reach of the masses.

In the marketing field, some means are still not equally distributed. Those who can afford an agency or a social marketing expert hold a greater ‘creative capital’ only because they are wealthier.
Promo is set to change the status-quo, we are here to open the closed gate of video marketing by enabling access to video creative. We no longer offer the tool for those who can create, but rather a game-changing platform enabling every small business to promote itself, as it should be in the free world.

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ClientPromoServicesBrand IdentityYear2019TeamAyelet Heimann, Amir Gelbard, Dean Peer, Shon Jan, Evia Gerafi, Shay Lesher, Tomer Rotenberg, Yoav Gati

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