Wiv is a Humanistic Management Platform for Office Buildings, It’s brand role is to Bring New Life to Work Environments.

Basic Values
Wellbeing | Innovation | Serviceability

Core Brand Values
Holistic Growth

Positive Energy

Happy People

Brand Essence
A Place to Grow, With our holistic and humanistic approach, we provide employees with personal services fit for today, matching their high expectations and meeting their new ‘growing’ demands.
As an individual we will wrap you with a supporting and caring environment enabling a better more appropriate place for you to be you, and grow.

ClientWivServicesBrand Strategy, Brand Identity, UXYear2018Linkwww.wiv.clubTeamEvia Gerafi, Lee Caufman, Lihi Weber, Tal Elan, Alex Molo, Ayelet Heimann, Dean Peer, Yoav Gati

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